Don’t share your location on social media platforms

There is so much that social media platforms has given to our generation that it has become an integral part of our social lives. People who meet for the first time, instead of exchanging phone numbers or even e-mails, exchange their social media profile names. Because at their social media profiles they can know them in a better way. Once they are connected, they share pictures, ideas, updates and other entertaining and educational information. On many of the popular social media sites the location of the user is by default displayed. While creating the profile, the platform asks for the location of the person who is creating the profile. And once the profile is completed the location will also be displayed in the “about me” section.

The problem with displaying your location is that, it is exactly the information that people who want to harm you would need. Not everybody you make friends online has the right intention. There are bad people as well. This is why it is important to hide critical information like your location. Location can also be disclosedby the pictures you put online and also by the updates you make using your smart phone which could also disclose your location. While sharing information online, do not by any chance let your location be disclosed. Some social media sites also provide privacy option that let you hide or display your personal information like location or contact information. So if you wish to or wish not to display your location you can make changes through privacy option provided by social media site.

Sometimes while using multiple social media profiles, you might forget to be careful while sharing updates, which is why it is good to find ways to better manage your social media life. You can use to access all your social media profiles from one screen. This way you can create a single update and share it on multiple profiles from the same screen by just pasting it on different profiles. There are other tools with that can also make your social media life a lot easier. People who use rarely asks for refund, this speaks volumes about the quality and the importance of their services. Though this might never happen, but just in case if you would want to get a refund then contact their customer service. Their dedicated customer care team is always ready to solve any kind of issues.

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