Keeping An Eye On Your Child’s Social Media Account

Sometimes when you are bored and you have no one to talk to doesn’t it feel amazing that you can simply sign in to Facebook or to chat with someone who is far away from you? In just a few seconds you will find yourself talking to a person regardless of whether you know them or not, but most likely not getting bored. As an adult you surely would understand the risks of talking to strangers and also the limitations. But this is something that kids are too young to understand. This is why it is the responsibility of parents to keep an eye on their children when they use sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Kids generally don’t like it when adults keep an eye on them. There are many cases where the kids would not even accept the friend request of their parents on Facebook. This is because they feel that the only reason why their parents want to become friends with them on Facebook or on any other social media platform is just to keep an eye on them. As a parent you need to make your child feel comfortable being with you. Even though they must respect you as parents they should also see you as someone who is always there for them. If at any point they feel that your presence ruins their fun then they will start keeping distance from you. So try to spend time with them in a friendly manner as much as possible before trying to supervise their social life.

Kids love parents who are friendly and understanding and they would love to spend time with parents who are like that. So even when you want to educate your kids about the things that they should not do on the social media platforms make sure to begin with something that’s funny. Try to gain their confidence. Just because they are your kids does not mean that they have to do everything that you feel is right. You cannot force them and even if you do you will only be successful for a brief time. Very soon they will either oppose you openly or they will find ways to continue doing what they want. Through social media sites like you can come more closer o your kids as you can understand them in better way because there you get to know how they are interacting with other people and what kind of people they have in their connections.

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